Recorded in early 2020 for use on a future project, I had no idea at the time that the lyrics would prove so poignant in the light of the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown.

Big Ted put together this video using some stills and appropriate pictures which showcase this great Rick Parfitt song, written when he was living alone on the Channel Islands for tax purposes and waiting to see his friends……

Take care and see you soon

Chris Rainbow

May 2020

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Sadly agreeing  to have video footage taken at shows can come back to haunt you. I am always happy to have photos etc taken at shows but on the understanding that anything used on  the internet is done so with thought and due respect for myself. I agreed to be filmed at various shows with the strict understanding that any footage used on the internet was to be done by taking a couple of the best performances from each show for people to enjoy { condsidering that I play more than forty songs on any given night this you would think was a fairly simple task}. Unfortunately this did not happen and a surplus of things have appeared on you tube without any condsideration for my wishes. One performance in particular when I was unwell I asked not to be used this wish was totally ignored.             I am sure these films were made with all good intentions but when respect and integrity get lost just to satisfy the ego of the film maker then a very unhappy situation can be the result.                                            In future I will make sure where possible that this does'nt happen again.                                                                                                                                Official CR Films are either filmed or edited by Big Ted Turner at Arena Sound Studios Somerset:


A complilation of live performances at various venues filmed by Mike.

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Mike who is a member of West Buckland CMC made this film of various shows I did in Taunton and West Buckland in 2016. 

The Chris Rainbow band play "Wanted Man" at Newbury december 1990. As I recall this was filmed by Nigel Gregory at Shaw House at the Country Music Club run by Bernard Futcher.

The line up of the Band at this time was John Armstrong on Bass, Dave Stokes on Lead Guitar and Jonathan Riley on drums. This was the longest serving line up of the band.

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Video of The Chris Rainbow Country band playing at the Silver Dollar

CMC,South Wales in the winter of 1996. The line up at this time featured Dave Stokes on lead guitar, John Coyle on bass and Les on drums. The song Rose in Paradise was a regular number in our set at the time. A song made popular by Waylon Jennings. My own personal memories of this time and this particular show are a little hazy due to the constant upheaval in my personal life. However this footage brings back many good memories and twenty years on I am still playing at this club, who now hold shows on wednesday nights at The  Plough in Aberaman.

Chris performing "Wagon Wheel" live at Walls Club, Gloucester

A spooky 60's style instrumental written by Chris and based on the fictional new town Winnerton Flats in the infamous Hammer Film Quatermass 2, performed by the mysterious Rainbow/Turner Project.

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Live at the Boars Head













of the













Performed by Chris Rainbow's Wild bunch, Back From the Grave recalls the glory days of rock'n'roll. Chris's song puts tongue firmly in cheek. The video was filmed in one day around Wellington and Rockwell Green.


          above pic July 2021

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