Nov 27th..Bedminster Down Ex - Services Club.

Nov 28th..The Commercial Inn Bridgewater { 4 till 7 pm }  

Dec 4th..The Riverside Club Tiverton.

Dec 10th..West Buckland Village Hall Nr Wellington Som

Dec 11th.. Albion House Social Club Cheltenham.

Dec 18th..Whitchurch British Legion Nr Bristol.

Dec 19th..Hartcliffe Com Centre Nr Bristol.

Dec 23rd..The Lauriston Hotel WSM.

Dec 24th..Soldiers and Sailors Cinderford.

Dec 31st..Chester House Social Club Frome.




Jan 8th..The Crown Hotel Wootten Bassett.                                                              Jan 9th..Black Dog CMC Tuffley Com Association Nr Gloucester.

Jan 15th..Drybrook Memorial Hall Forest of Dean. 

Jan 29th..Wellington Con Club.

Feb 5th..Churchdown Community Centre nr Gloucester.

Feb 19th..Berry Hill Social Club nr Coleford Forest of Dean.

Feb 25th..Meade Vale Community Centre W S M { from 2pm }.

March 4th..Midsomer Norton Social Club.

March 15th..The Unity Club Street { 10.30am start }.

April 16th..Wroughton Working Mens Club nr Swindon

May 6th..Ollies Opry Dowtys Sports and Social Club Churchdown nr Gloucester.

May 22nd..Black Dog CMC Tuffley Com Association Nr Gloucester.

June 17th..West Buckland Village Hall nr Wellington Som.

July 2nd..The Victory Club Cheltenham.

July 22nd..Dumbleton Village Hall Nr Evesham.

July 28th..Notgrove Village Hall nr Bourton on the Water.

Aug 21st..Black Dog CMC Tuffley Com Association Nr Gloucester.

Sept 23rd..Ollies Opry Dowtys Sports and Social Club Churchdown nr


October 14th..Meade Vale Community Centre W S M { from 2pm }.

Oct 15th..The Victory Club Cheltenham.

October 22nd..Bishopsworth British Legion Bristol.

Dec 2nd..Meade Vale Community Centre W S M { from 2pm }.

                        above and below at the Rose Inn Pagan Hill Nov 2018

On the 27th of July 2018 The Newton / Rainbow Project played at Dumbleton Club Nr Evesham in aid of a local Cancer Charity. A good sized crowd enjoyed a great night of rocking tunes including All along the Watchtower, Jumpin Jack Flash, and a rousing Reelin and Rocking to finish. Special thanks to Jeff and Paul it was a great night with 500 pounds being raised. The Newton / Rainbow Project will be playing at Ledbury British Legion on August 17th 2018 




                                         Chris, Jeff and Paul at Dumbleton. 

                Above Chris at Berry Hill Social Club Forest of Dean June 2018 

                 Above Chris at Churchdown Community Centre July 7th 2018.

                             Above Pic Chris on stage in Gloucester Jan 2018 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         At Wooton Bassett Con Club Feb 2018 { pic Di Berry }.

                      { above pic }  On stage at Sand Bay North Somerset in 2013.

                                           Above Chris At Walls Club Glos 

Back in the saddle at Whelford Social Club, 15th April 2017



New Years Eve 2016 at

Weston-super-Mare Con Club



December 2016 at

Robinswood, Glos.



On the 22nd October Chris played a well recieved show at Tiverton BL. A good sized crowd enjoyed an eclectic mix of music. Chris will be back at Tiverton in January.



On 15th October Chris made a first appearance at St James Club, Glos.



                         Above Chris and Paul back in Ledbury June 2nd 2018

Chris and former Uriah Heep Bass Player Paul Newton,Live in Herefordshire. 2015.


New CD "Licence To Rock" by the

Newton/Rainbow Project

will be available winter 2016

                                            Chris Rainbow and Paul Newton 

Live at the Boars Head, Berkley, Xmas 2015





Appearing at Robinswood, Glos 2016



Pictured with Fiona Gregory after performing in Bristol at Warmley Community Centre  sadly Fiona passed away shortly after this photo was taken. Both she and her husband Nigel had been to many shows over the years and were great friends of mine. She is sadly missed. 

                At Paulton Rovers FC with my good friend and bus driver Kelvin.

 Chris at the Gladstone Rd Club      Chippenham.  

Lloyd, Cheryl and Len "Mr Fruit" at Chippenham



  Chris and Conrad at the Plough Aberaman, South Wales.

Paul and Di compare T-shirts at Ledbury BL, Xmas 2015



Conrad and the boys, South Wales.



Top Venues for Top Artistes !!!



At Ledbury CMC. 



Cheryl and friends at the Great Western Corsham, 2015.



Travelling in style.



Chris with Michael Jackson at the Animals Asia charity day at Kewstoke nr W-S-M in 2013.

                               Chris and John Coyle playing at Timsbury 2001.

                                            Above Performing in Frome 2007 

          above pic July 2021

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